Symbolic Ceremony

Your French ceremony won’t be binding as a legal document but is that what really matters?

Not at all!

You can make your status official back home before or after your elopement, and you will have forever the memories and pictures of your special day in the most romantic city in the world!

Plus, having a symbolic ceremony gives you the freedom to personalise the script exactly as you want it.  You will also receive a  marriage certificate to commemorate the event.

Let the charme and  beauty of Paris mix with the right words in a romantic location to create the perfect elopement, wedding or vow renewal ceremony!

In a symbolic ceremony you can:

  • Involve family members and friends or be just the two of you (witnesses can be included but are not necessary)
  • Write your own vows
  • Include symbols, like a unity candle or rings
  • Include religious elements, like readings from the bible
  • Make the ceremony formal or very casual
  • Select the location…and the music, of course!

There’s no formula to a symbolic wedding, every ceremony is unique. We will discuss your ideas and desires and make sure the ceremony turns out exactly the way you want it.

General ceremony structure:

As a general rule, our ceremonies include the following parts. You can decide to skip some of them or introduce new elements. This is a guideline only!

  • Intro/welcome
  • Reading (we will send you some suggestions with the first draft)
  • Affirmation/vows (samples provided)
  • Symbolic representation of your union (rings, candle ceremony, sand ceremony etc.)
  • Reading or blessing
  • Declaration of marriage/ renewal of marriage